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『大阪・関西万博』大丈夫? /Is “Osaka/Kansai Expo” okay?






























thank you for your hard work.


The Osaka/Kansai Expo has expanded to 1.5 times its original budget.

The budget, originally set at 125 billion yen, has ballooned to 185 billion yen due to recent increases in material and labor costs, as well as changes to the venue design.

Some experts have raised concerns about the soft ground in Yumeshima, where the event will be held, and have pointed out the possibility of further budget increases.


Public works projects have never been completed on budget every time.

The estimate is too low.

Since it's a tax, can anything happen?

If it were a private company, it would be natural for the contract with the client to be canceled if the project did not meet the budget.

Therefore, you can either honor the contract even if it means losing money, or you can face the penalty.


The Japan Restoration Society is very strict about how tax money is used.

As ``self-defeating reforms,'' he is calling for a reduction in the number of members of parliament and a reorganization of how tax money is used and the budget.

The Japan Restoration Society should play a central role in the Expo, as has been the case until now, and ensure that the budget does not exceed the original budget.

Is the ``self-defeating reform'' that is the mainstay of the pledge special only for the World Expo?

That's a convenient promise.


I feel like there's something unpleasant about the Osaka/Kansai Expo.

The Osaka Tourism Bureau uses Kanjani Eight, a group affiliated with Johnny's Office, as PR ambassadors.

Osaka Governor Yoshimura announced that he would continue to use Johnny's even after the sexual assault issue.

I fear that this policy will cause developed countries, which are sensitive to child sexual harm and human rights issues, to ``withdraw.''

Since they are using a group with the name of a ``sexual perpetrator,'' there is no doubt that overseas groups will take harsh action.


What should Japan do at this point?

What should we do to make the Osaka-Kansai Expo a success?

We have no choice but to do what we realize and move forward with what we can do.