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『特別職国家公務員の賃上げ』法案の提出は許せない! /Submission of a bill to raise wages for special national civil servants is unacceptable!





◆首相 ⇒ 月額:6000円アップ

◆閣僚、副大臣大臣政務官 ⇒ 月額:4000円アップ



















「メダルかじり虫 メダルかじり虫」♪




thank you for your hard work.


A bill to raise the wages of special national civil servants, including ministers, has been submitted to the current Diet session.

With this bill,

  • Prime Minister ⇒ Monthly increase: 6000 yen ↑
  • Cabinet, Deputy Minister, Parliamentary Vice-Minister ⇒ Monthly increase: 4000 yen ↑

The bonus will also be increased by 0 and 1 month.


Citizens will receive a one-time tax cut of 40,000 yen, and Prime Minister Kishida will receive an annual increase of approximately 460,000 yen.

This prime minister has not produced any ``results,'' but he seems to want to produce ``results'' in his own compensation.

"There's nothing we can do about 'hereditary' upward mobility!"


While the average citizen has not received a raise in wages and is suffering from high prices, the person in question is wondering where the wind is blowing.

"You should go shopping at the supermarket once in a while."

"If you only do it once in a while, you can't understand that prices are high."


In addition, in addition to annual expenses, which the Liberal Democratic Party is reluctant to pay, they are paid 1 million yen per month in ``Research, Research, and Public Relations Expenses,'' also known as ``old correspondence expenses.''

Expenses that don't require receipts to be attached have been decided to be abolished.


What is going on with the ``self-defeating reforms'' of members of the Diet?

We do not do anything that is not convenient for us.

That's why politicians can't be trusted.


Nagoya Mayor Kawamura will carry out ``self-defeating reforms'' even though he is nervous about the ``gold medal''!

"Medal-gnawing insect, medal-gnawing insect"♪

Original song: From the butt-biting insect