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ジャニー喜多川氏による『レイプ』被害者たちへの『誹謗中傷』が止まらない /Johnny Kitagawa's ``slander'' against the ``rape'' victims continues unabated.












今、集中すべき問題は『被害者救済』ではないのか? と首を捻りたくなりますが、元々、旧ジャニーズ事務所は震災があると炊き出しに出向くという社風というか、ファンを大切にするという文化があるのかもしれません。



















thank you for your hard work.


After Johnny Kitagawa held a press conference last year regarding the rape issue, he did not allow specific reporters to ask questions and was expected to hold the press conference again, but in the end, the former Johnny's office did not make any money.

Nowadays, the company name may be changed to "SMILE-UP.", a victim compensation company, and it may feel like the company has started anew, but as an ordinary person, I don't think that the company's content has changed.


It appears that the Victim Relief Committee reached an agreement on compensation with 190 of the 900 victims.


However, one of the victims was a man in his 40s living in Osaka who was driven to suicide due to ``slander'', and the problem is that ``victim countermeasures'' are not progressing.

This is a case that cannot be overlooked, as it is affecting families as well.


“Slandering victims can even take their lives, so it must never happen.”


Meanwhile, Noriyuki Higashiyama, the president of the victim compensation company SMILE-UP., apparently went to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake evacuation center to provide a soup kitchen.

Isn't the issue we need to focus on now "relief for victims"? I'm tempted to twist my head, but perhaps the old Johnny's office had a company culture of going out to soup kitchens when there was an earthquake, or perhaps a culture of valuing their fans.

Still, I think there is such a thing as priorities.

“It’s different now.”


What I have doubts about is:

"Victim Relief" is still unresolved, so why would Media hire a talent from the former Johnny's agency?


It seems that media outlets are actively hiring talent from the former Johnny's agency, as if they had finished their purification last year.

It seems that the media have not reflected on this at all.


Media has a ``women's problem'', Downtown: It feels strange that they treat Hitoshi Matsumoto harshly, but treat the talent who belonged to the former Johnny's agency very kindly.

Johnny Kitagawa's ``rape'' of a minor is a more global incident, but to me it seems like ``if it gets too deep, you forget how hot it is.''


Just because you can easily express your opinions on SNS, it does not mean that you can ``slander'' the victim.

The problem should be that the person in question is not aware that he or she is doing ``slander.''

“Slandering victims can even take their lives, so it must never happen.”I think.